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Kids and the Great Outdoors

I mentioned in my last blog some of my predictions for top landscape design trends for 2018. Creative spaces for kids was high on the list? Why, because kids. In this day and age of ever-evolving technology, it’s more important than ever to create outdoors spaces where kids can be creative, can explore, be...

Landscape Brisbane Welcome 2018

It’s February already! As Christmas 2017 approached, we kept saying 2018 was going to be a massive year for the Landscape Brisbane team. Here we are, mid-way through February, and we weren’t wrong in our predictions that this will be our biggest year yet! Over the next few months, I’m really excited that I’ll be able to...

Maximise Your Landscape Renovation Budget

When was the last time your back garden got a serious upgrade? This is a project that many home owners keep putting off because they worry about costs. However, it is entirely possible to create a beautiful landscape design for your yard while still staying on budget. Gardens can be a great canvas upon which...