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Landscape Construction

  • entrancewaysHome Entrances
    A strong sense of entrance is the most positive aspect of a home one can have. The entrance welcomes you home every day and gives first time visitors a good first impression.
  • swimming pool constructionSwimming Pools
    Landscape Brisbane are fully qualified swimming pool builders. There’s no better time to install or rebuild your pool than during a landscaping project. Ensure seamless integration between the pool and surrounds by using the same contractor for all of the pool design and construction tasks.
  • Decks and PatiosDecks and Patios

    There’s nothing like the feel of a sturdy, wood deck under your feet. The densely packed fibers of hardwood timber makes it a superior material for decks and patios. Our hand-crafted decks and patios never fail to please.

  • Gazebos and PergolasGazebos & Huts

    We specialize in Gazebos and Pergolas, from recycled timber post features, solar span roofing, hardwood high quality hand nailed decking. Our team of builders will see your next project through to the highest detail.

  • DrainageDrainage

    Behind every job is usually plenty of excavation, this is a key area that needs to be completed correctly, to ensure the job is built accurately and on time.

  • ExcavationExcavation

    All projects require some degree of excavation. This is a key area needs to be completed correctly to ensure the job is built accurately and on time.

  • FencingFencing

    Want some security or privacy? Choose from a diverse range of materials: Hardwood and Pine Paling, Timber, Colourbond, Chainmesh, Pickets, Feature Fences, Block Fences. There are many different styles to choose from.

  • IrrigationIrrigation

    Landscape Brisbane’s range of irrigation services for residential garden projects is comprehensive. Our service includes lawn irrigation and landscape irrigation design and installation, automatic watering systems, pop up sprinkler and drip-feed systems.

  • Privacy ScreensPrivacy Screens

    Outdoor Screens are a great way to enhance a landscape without having a big ugly fence in the way. Privacy screens allow the air to flow through yet provide a modern, stylish look.

  • Paving and ConcretePaving and Concrete

    The past 20 years has seen hard surfaces and paths overtake grassy lawns in popularity. Call it a byproduct of our modern, outdoor lifestyle. Paving, concrete and other hard surfaces will increase the living spaces within your landscape. Not to mention a distinct lack of grass to mow!

  • Planting and EdgingPlanting and Edging

    The biggest attraction when it comes to a landscape has to be the plants and gardens. The best way to frame these features of colour, texture and foliage is decorative edging.

  • Retaining WallsRetaining Walls

    When you need to terrace a slope or Retain soil. There are many choices of retaining walls available: Timber Sleepers, Link Blocks, Masonry Blocks, Stone Walls and Boulder Walls to name a few.

  • Turf / Synthetic GrassTurf / Synthetic Grass

    Grass is one of the greatest material to have, although with House blocks becoming smaller you tend not to see as much as before. The upkeep on lawn is something people don’t have time for so we are seeing a switch to Artificial Lawn installations. No watering, no pests?

  • Water FeaturesWater Features

    A strong water feature makes a perfect focus point in your landscaped gardens. Running water features also indulges your sense of hearing, adding another dimension to your garden.