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Landscape Design

Landscape design is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the creative deliverables for a landscaping project. We take concepts and ideas and produce designs to suit your budget. This not only gives you a great landscaping job but an accurate plan. Many small budget landscaping projects don’t require much in the way of creative design. Design services are more geared to complete garden overhauls or new landscapes from scratch. However the most important advantage of a landscape design to you are tangible documents that give you a close approximation of what to expect for your budget.

Concept Sketches / Master Plans

The aforementioned documents include concept sketches and master plans. Concept sketches provide an illustrative view of how the project may look from various angles. The master plan documents are precise drawings used for construction, materials lists and construction schedule.

3D Design

landscape-3d-design-013D landscape designs that are highly detailed and accurate are a rare offering in Brisbane; Landscape Brisbane has filled this niche. Concept sketches and master plans cannot compare to 3D designs for the purpose of translating ideas into life-like perspective photographs of a proposed design.