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Brisbane International Garden Show: Bronze Award

Thanks to everyone that turned up to our first exhibit at the Brisbane International Garden Show. The organisers decided our garden design deserved the Bronze award and we're happy with that. You can see from the snapshot above that we went for a 'stranded on deserted beach' theme. The only thing missing is Spalding because...

Using Greywater in the Garden

Greywater, water from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines, is an asset that most households see going 'down the pipes'. The days of free water are over in a lot of the local councils in and around Brisbane. So it makes dollars and sense to divert greywater to your gardens. Greywater systems will require...

Pool Building Added to Services

Landscape Brisbane is pleased to announce that we're now qualified pool builders. For the past year or so, our builders have been mentored by an old salt Brisbane pool builder. Now, we've gained certification and can build solo. The advantage to you is one less contractor to juggle during the project and seamless integration between...