Maximise Your Landscape Renovation Budget

When was the last time your back garden got a serious upgrade? This is a project that many home owners keep putting off because they worry about costs, or maybe you just moved to a new Brisbane home and the yard could use some TLC. However, it is entirely possible to create a beautiful landscape design for your yard while still staying on budget. Gardens can be a great canvas upon which you can add an extra layer of value to your space. The idea may be there, maybe even a few brush marks already, however, it isn’t until a well thought out and designed plan is implemented that you truly see the whole picture come to life.

Here at Landscape Brisbane, we work with clients in both residential and commercial settings. Regardless of whether our client is a home owner or a business owner, the desire to maximise results for any given budget is a universal one. Bupa Home Insurance recently featured us in an article on how to stick to your budget while renovating. We were inspired by the article, How to Stick to Your Renovation Budget, to offer more tips to help your landscape renovation project come in under budget. We’d like to offer a few more tips to help your landscape renovation project come in under budget.

Hire a Professional

When you work with Landscape Brisbane, you get access to our team of experienced, in-house contractors, all of whom share our goal of providing you with the best service possible at a reasonable cost. We need know what works and what doesn’t, our knowledge is based on years of experience working across diverse jobs so we are well placed to advise you on a solution that will have long-lasting benefits.

Rather than hiring a landscape designer and then having to search for an outside contractor to bring the designer’s vision to life, the full scope of the project is handled by our team. From the initial planning and design stages, to the construction of the landscaping, to the ongoing care and maintenance, all of this is taken care of by the same team.

Stick with Your Decision

Nothing drives up costs faster than constant changes and revisions to your plans. Each change you make can lead to construction delays, the need to purchase additional plants or construction materials, and sunk costs of already-purchased materials. Unless a serious issue arises that requires you to change your design, it is best to just go with your gut and stand by your original plan. The more streamlined the process is the fewer unexpected costs you will incur.

Choose plants that thrive in your area: From experience we have found the best area to focus your budget on is planting. A thought-out planting plan is by far the best way to achieve the best value for money. Best of all you can DIY, in some cases it produces instant results and long term benefits and the longer it takes, the better it looks.