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Landscape Designs that Dare to be Different

Photo by Rod Waddington The history of landscape design is peppered with occasional designers that dared to be different. Most of us are very familiar with the traditional, the formal, and modern contemporary landscapes. However there are gardens gracing our planet that engage the imagination in a manner like no other arts or creative...

Autumn Colour for Brisbane Gardens

Most gardens have an abundance of colour in spring and summer. However autumn in Brisbane gardens tends to be rather dull. Here’s a list of autumn beauties to snatch up at your local nursery and brighten up your otherwise overly green landscape….


Driest Summer Since 2006 Drought: Hydrophobic Much?

You would have to go back a long way into the Brisbane rainfall records to find a drier summer than 2015/16. A meagre 100mm or so of rain has been recorded at Brisbane Airport from Dec 2015 to Feb 25. Thankfully BOM reports that El NiƱo is declining and a neutral phase should kick in...